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Joci Sirak is a Hungarian born (1962) Art Photographer based in Vancouver BC with strong collection on British Columbiaís natural beauty and street scenes of Vancouver. He bought himself a camera in his age of 16 and started capturing nature on B&W films. From that period, he has never stopped exploring what he is capable with the camera.
He graduated in the Faculty of Wood Science and Technology of the University of Sopron, Hungary and worked in all level of fields, beeing a lumberjack, a truck driver, a gardener, a game park deputy and a designer at a furniture company.
He accumulated decades of experience to make it a career entirely on his own as he was setting up the most important rules he follows when a new picture is just about to born.

Artist Statement

For Joci, the most important aspect of photography is composition: a search for the striking balance within the milieu of light, shadow, color and the sharp or fading elements. Whether the photo draws from the nature of the beautiful British Columbia, or a forgotten, unkept back street, his ambition is to use this compelling harmony to lightly elevate the subject to another level or dimension. Therefore, he also believes that the object of his attention is insignificant until all the above aspects of the photograph are carefully in place.
Jociís latest objective is to create pictures with less sharp subjects, giving more contribution to the blurred and uncertain (background) elements of the photographic image, thus making them just as important segment of the complete photograph as the sharp ones.
He has been a regular in both solo and group exhibitions all over in Greater Vancouver with numerous awards, including 1st prize winner of The Opus Big Picture 2014: Black & White Edition.

"Let me unfold the layers of my universe..."

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